Wedding in Thailand

If you want to celebrate your wedding on a beautiful beach and then start your honeymoon right away, Thailand is the right place for you.

A legally valid marriage in Thailand is also automatically valid in Austria and Germany. The marriage must be registered in the homeland only with the responsible authority (registry office, registration office).

For the legal validity of the marriage in Thailand, Austrian and German couples only need a marriage certificate, the birth certificate, certified copies of passports and a power of attorney with notarized signatures.

In order to save yourself the numerous visits to the authorities, it is advisable to get support, then you will have a stress-free time and do not have to worry about the documents. In order to not run out of time, it is advisable to start planning three to six months before the desired wedding date.

If you are only interested in a purely ceremonial wedding, then you have hardly any stress and can decide at short notice.

Thailand offers breathtaking possibilities for your dream wedding: From the simple, romantic wedding on the beach – barefoot in the sand as a couple or with guests – over a wedding in the jungle, at a waterfall or on a boat up to opulent and rushing celebrations with large wedding party everything is possible.

A wedding in Thailand is possible in German and English, depending on how you feel more comfortable. A monk’s blessing is also gladly arranged for you.

At a wedding in Thailand you are faced with very similar questions as when you get married in your own country. From the transport of the dress to the selection of the wedding rings. Together with your planner you can discuss travel time, location, music, hair and make-up and additional services step by step.

Same sex marriage in Thailand?

The Thais are known for their openness and tolerance and also offer same-sex couples wedding ceremonies and monk blessings. However, a legally valid marriage for same-sex couples is not yet possible in Thailand.


Dress code for a wedding in Thailand?

There is no dress code for your wedding in Thailand. It is up to you whether it should take place classically in white, in a beach dress or in your swimming trunks.

Only at the monk’s blessing at the temple you have to make sure that no shoes are worn and that the bride’s shoulders and knees are covered.

We met wedding planner Thomas Becker in Phuket and talked to him about the possibilities of a wedding in Thailand. How it came that he found his vocation as a wedding planner in Phuket as a German is quickly explained. At the same time that Thomas was planning his wedding with his Thai wife in Australia, an acquaintance left his wedding business and Thomas decided to take over. He expanded the company together with his wife and is now the contact person for couples who want to get married on Phuket.

His many years of experience in tourism in the Dominican Republic and Australia benefited him very much. His bridal couples are the focus and planning a dream wedding in Thailand has become his great passion.

Can you get married legally in Thailand and what expenses or costs do you have to expect?
A legally valid marriage in Thailand is also automatically valid in Austria and Germany. The marriage must be registered in the home country only with the responsible authority (registry office, registration office).
For the legal validity of the marriage in Thailand, Austrian and German couples only need a certificate of capacity to marry, birth certificate, certified copies of passports, as well as a power of attorney with notarized signatures. If there was any foresight, it is always a good idea to attach the corresponding divorce documents, as these are sometimes required by the Thai registry office despite the certificate of marital capacity.  For the legal wedding approximately 1.200 – 1.500 Euro must be considered additionally in the wedding budget.

When should one start planning?
3 – 6 months are a good average value, which offers enough leeway in the planning.
Especially for purely ceremonial weddings, however, considerably less time is sufficient. I have already organized weddings for „quick-decided“ people in three days. For the legal wedding you should plan at least 2 months in advance to be able to react if necessary to delays on the part of the authorities.

Is there anything you should be aware of?
Nothing in particular, apart from the usual considerations such as „How do I transport my wedding dress“ or „Where can I get beautiful beach sandals suitable for weddings at the last minute“. But I am always at your side with advice and action and especially with our experience, so that you don’t have to consider anything special.

Do you have to speak Thai or English or can you also be married in German?
No, you don’t have to. Both I as your contact are German-speaking, as well as the wedding speakers/celebrants used by me for German/Austrian couples are without exception German-speaking.

How does the wedding planning work? How can you imagine it?
Basically, the entire planning from the first contact to the follow-up of the wedding personally runs through me. This means that I am your personal contact during the entire planning process. The largest part of the preparation takes place naturally by E-Mail. But I also like to call my couples via Skype or WhatsApp. This makes the planning more personal and also faster.
First I discuss with my couples the rough framework of the wedding, such as travel time and wedding date, desired location (beach, villa, temple, etc.) necessary additional services such as hotel bookings, dinner after the wedding. Afterwards we go into the details further and further up to the choice of flowers and colours, the wedding cake, the music wishes.

What are the customs of Thai weddings?
The most important of these are certainly the Khan Mak (the long drum parade) and the water blessing (Rod Nam Sang). Another custom is the consecration of the marriage bed. After the official wedding ceremony, the marriage bed is consecrated for the future marriage. Only close relatives of the bride and groom are present at this ceremony. A couple who have been happily married for many years prepares the bed for the new couple. Various symbols such as sesame seeds, beans and rice are scattered on the bed as a sign of wealth, love and fertility. The bride and groom then lie down in the bed and are left alone in the room for a moment. According to traditional custom, the couple should sleep in this bed for at least three nights.

Thomas Becker – Wedding Planner Phuket

Kate Prokop by Wedding Planery – Wedding Planner with focus on Destination Weddings in Thailand

Together with photographer Fotografin Florence Stoiber and Thomas Becker we have collected some inspirations for you in the National Park Phuket. The dress of Brautgeflüster is ideal for a beach wedding, it is not only light as a feather but also almost crease-free. Shortly dressed in tropical temperatures, all wrinkles have disappeared. The two-piece also allows for many combinations that easily transform it into a new dress. The scent of Tiffany is not only the Wedding Box scent of the year, but also a faithful travel companion and popular scent for our brides. The fresh, light fragrance is pleasant and refreshing even on hot summer days. The watches from Rado are also an absolute eye-catcher. They are simply never out of place and make a good figure.




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