Wedding drinks for the summer

Lillet Sparkle

Summer is here and every weekend it’s “Yes, I do.” So the wedding high season is in full swing and every wedding includes the ice-cold drinks, which are also real eye-catchers every now and then and can easily be recreated at home.

Only because the big party is over, it doesn’t mean that even this tingling feeling can’t provide a “cheers” over and over again.

More and more often there is also a signature drink, i.e. a drink which was made especially for your wedding together with you.

But if we are still honest about good drinks, it’s always the right time for them and that’s why we have put together our favourite drinks for you.

Hopefully they will sweeten the day for you and your guests at the next opportunity and for a refreshment, which is also an absolute eye-catcher.

When it comes to choosing the right wedding drink, it’s not so much about what’s trendy right now as what tastes good and gives you pleasure. However, you can follow the trends and see which combinations taste exceptional and fresh.



Sommer Drink Hochzeit


The Pink Mojito is a fruity variant of the cocktail classic Mojito. For this drink you need fresh berries and mint as well as other ingredients. And we chose gin instead of rum for this classic. Tastes refreshingly different, ingenious and is an absolute summer highlight for us.


5 cl Beefeater Pink Gin
5 cl strawberry juice
fresh strawberries
3 cl freshly squeezed lime juice
3 BL white cane sugar
1 handful fresh mint leaves
Mineral water to pour on or Tonic
ice cubes




Sommer Drinks Hochzeit

A wonderful cooling off, a fresh taste and a welcome alternative to rather sweet drinks. We especially like it because it is made so quickly. You don’t need a shaker, you build it up in a glass.


5 cl Absolut Vodka
12 cl blood orange juice (freshly squeezed)
fresh blood orange
fresh rosemary
ice cubes





More glitter is not possible, because for our Wedding Sparkle we have thought about a very special drink for at home, because how to get better into the right mood than with a Sparkle Lillet. A good mixture, which is quickly made and certainly provides enthusiasm.


5 cl Lillet Blanc
12 cl peach juice
A shot of soda
Food Gold dust
fresh lavender



If you really want it to go fast, then there are also ready-made alternatives. For example the Sparkling Bitter from Thurn und Taxis. Dark and bitter it is a light alternative and also an eye-catcher at the wedding because of its can. Or you can serve it in a very special way with dry ice.



And our tip for the perfect drink is the Eiswürfelmaschine von Gorenje, so you always have ice cubes ready and are prepared for the summer.