Wedding Box Partner: Carissimo Letterpress

Anybody who already has a wedding box knows the beautiful compliments card which decorates every box. Have you ever wondered how it came about and who made it?

We collaborated with Carissimo Letterpress on this project and were thrilled with the results, which is why we want to tell you more about them today:

How did Carissimo Letterpress come about, what was your inspiration and the idea behind it?

The idea for Carissimo Letterpress was born in Australia, where we spent a year travelling in 2012. We were looking for ways to combine our passions of typography, fine papers and craftsmanship. Working with the old printing presses is like traveling in time to the recent past. The wonderful thing is that we are involved in every step, from the design to the finished prints.


Who is behind Carissimo Letterpress?

Our names are Ana and Alessandro. We met in Milan, where we both studied and worked. We are a designer couple with international experience in graphics and design. Together we have devoted ourselves to very unique projects in the paper industry, where we can focus on graphic know-how, typography and high-quality manufacturing.

CarissimoLetterpress Portrait Alessandro e Photocredits

What exactly is Letterpress?

How is it different to “normal” printing? Letterpress came from the good, old-school book printing. Printing plates are used to emboss each color in its own printing process. This results in the beautiful feel of Letterpress. Another specialty of ours is that we print on thick, fluffy cotton papers with our old printing presses. This allows us to print at high grades of 700 grams and higher.

We emboss and print according to Pantone colors, which is impossible with digital printing. Mixing the Pantone colors give us the extraordinary luminosity and the fine colors. Using thick cotton papers is also impossible with digital printing.


What does your work consist of?

Our work is very versatile: we design, illustrate by hand, we work on the computer, we print and finalize the products. Since it’s important to us to fully support our bridal couples, we only produce a limited amount of wedding stationery per year. In addition, we are delighted to be able to design and produce high-quality printed materials for companies and events as well. There is also our Carissimo Letterpress Stationery Line with greeting cards, notebooks and beautiful paper products from our workshop.

How far in advance should someone contact you, if they are interested in custom-made wedding stationery?
Do you have lots of templates which you then customize, or do you create completely new ideas for each order?

Ideally, it should be about 4-12 weeks before the completion date, depending on whether you want an individual design or to start with a template. January, February, March and April is our high season, because many couples get married in the summer. In these months you should definitely start in good time or make an appointment in advance.


And finally, what can you tell us about our card for the Wedding Box?

For the Wedding Box, we wanted to design a card that reflects the elegance and ease of the Wedding Box and its products. We designed a wedding card with a modern touch which would emphasize the beautiful cotton paper and the high-quality embossed printing.


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