Maldives Honeymoon with Budget


If there is one place we always wanted to go, it´s the maledives. A lot of couples ask us and so we put together a wish list for a honeymooners with a budget.

The Honeymooner Maledives Wishlist

  • Going per Seaplane
  • Bungalow on the beach
  • All Inclusive  (incl. Cocktails, Beer und Coffe).
  • Trips and Adventures
  • Have time for yourself
  • Months: november or december

Don’t let the long flight scare you away from a honeymoon in the Maldives. Flights aren’t as bad or as expensive as you may think.We choose Emirates for our journey to the maledives. When searching flights you’ll want to look for flights to Male (MLE), but it may be cheaper to fly into Colombo Sri Lanka and buy a flight to the Maldives from there.

On our trip to the Maldives, we flew from Vienna via Dubai to Male spent one week exploring the Maldives.We booked directly via Emirates Airline and we choose a monday flight Economy Saver, cause it was way cheaper.

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-243

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-227

All flights land at the Male International Airport (MLE) and from here you will board a seaplane or speedboat/ferry to your Maldives resort. So we were definetel Team “seaplane”, cause we wanted the full expercience.

As a resort we decided to book the Kuredu Island.

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-210

Kuredo Island Malediven



We booked a „Bungalow on the beach“,  called ‘O’ Beach Villas.

The ‘O’ Beach Villas are located along the north-east side of Kuredu Resort, providing a chic accommodation option for those opting for a serene, quintessential Maldives haven. The romantic backdrop of the ‘O’ Resort adds allure to the stay and it is no wonder why the ‘O’ Beach Villas are rated Kuredu’s most tranquil and stylish accommodation type. But you have a lot of options to choose from:

Sangu Jacuzzi Beach Villas:

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-21
Sangu Restaurant

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-113

Sangu Pool
Sangu Pool


‘O’ Jacuzzi Beach Villas:

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-99

O Beach Villa
O Beach Villa

‘O’ Beach Villas:

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-2

O Beach Villa
O Beach Villa
O Beach Pool
O Beach Pool

Koamas Jacuzzi Beach Villas und Koamas Beach Villa:

Hochzeitsreise Malediven-57
Bonthi Beach Bungalow und Bonthi Garten Bungalow:

The cheapest option we wouldn´t recomened for a honeymoon, but still nice.



Kuredu Resort & Spa was awarded the amazing title ‘Best long haul destination’  in 2012 and is still a wonderful place.