Getting married on the Alp – the Mountain Wedding

The most beautiful places for a mountain wedding in Austria …

… can be found almost in all our federal states.

You should therefore begin your planning by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Which federal state do I prefer?
  • Would we like to marry alone or with guests?
  • How big will our wedding party be?

You can get married on the mountain “quickly‟ and in principle you can get married at any cabin, civil, church or with a free theologian. But if the wedding should also be a celebration with family and friends, there is a lot more to consider.

Carolina Auer Photography

And now how do you find this jewel, this place where you want to experience this very special day?

Google knows more. There are websites and hiking guides for every federal state that provide informations about cabins, alpine pastures and mountain chalets.

Locals and hotels in the area often have good contacts and ideas and can recommend a lodge that specialises in weddings. Especially in Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria, Tyrol and Vorarlberg there are many cabins and alpine pastures that actively offer weddings and in many ski resorts larger cabins are an absolute highlight for wedding parties in summer.

A good tip is also to get in touch with the Alpine Club, nature lovers or the Federal Forests.

If you have localized the area, then the tourist board and/or the responsible registry office will provide further information.

It is important to consider exactly what you want. This saves the bridal couple nerves and time and also the cabin operators, because writing an offer or making one always costs time.

  • In which period do we want to get married?
  • How big will our wedding party be?
  • Do we want to marry civil or by means of a free wedding?
  • What kind of travel possibilities should there be? Footpath, chairlift, car or bus?
  • Do we need a local kitchen or do we bring our own food?
  • Do we want to get married in a lonely cottage or do we expect an extensive infrastructure?
  • Should the guests be accommodated nearby or directly on site?
  • Which program do we want and what must be possible on site?

If couples still have no idea where the place should be, it is advisable to ask a professional and have suggestions made or to choose locations that already have experience. Here you can find our personal list, which we are constantly adding to.

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Big or small wedding – What should I keep in mind?

For a big wedding there are cabins available, which already have experience with weddings and can provide the necessary infrastructure. Sufficient space and staff not only make planning easier, but also guarantee a stress-free day. As nice as it may be to get married on the terrace of an alpine pasture, one should also have a plan B for bad weather ready and be able to live with this plan. Locations that belong to a hotel or have specialized in weddings are certainly a good choice here.

Almost every cabin is suitable for small weddings, but also here one should ask oneself in advance what one expects from the respective cabin.

The more guests there are, the greater the demands on the infrastructure.

The capacity of the kitchen, the number of toilets, the possibilities of the arrival and departure, the available guest quarters and of course also the alternatives, if the weather goes crazy, should be considered with the planning.

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How does a mountain wedding work at all?

If one only wants to be married in the closest circle to an extraordinary place, it is the easiest to get married in a civil ceremony and afterwards to have an intimate free wedding ceremony at a desired place.

If you would like to get married in a civil ceremony on the Alm, there are some locations where this is possible. Either the location takes over the organization or one contacts the registry office in the place and can explain in which places one can be married.

Registry offices are usually very cooperative, they give information and often also have very good suggestions, since they know the surroundings and landscape.

So, first you have to look for a place and then you have to ask at the registry office. Everything is possible, it depends on the flexibility of the registrar.

Of course there is also the possibility to engage a Wedding Planner for the location search. The planner takes over the search for the desired location, considers thereby the needs of the couples and makes suggestions, which correspond to the desires and are also convertible. This saves a lot of time and nerves and usually costs between 300 and 450 Euros (price for the location search).

Once the location and the registrar have been found, all that remains to be done is to make an appointment and to obtain the necessary documents. The registration of the marriage can take place at any registry office. There, the marriage registration form is drawn up, which is valid for a maximum of six months. The registry office wedding itself can be carried out at any registry office or at a location outside the registry office.

For a church wedding on the mountain there are similar rules. If there is a chapel or a small church, then contact the responsible parish directly.

Some parish priests also offer the possibility of being married at a summit cross.

(c) Carolina Auer Photography

Dresscode mountain wedding!

The dress code is traditionally given by the bridal couple and what would be more suitable for a mountain wedding than the traditional costume. But also a mixture of the guest clothing from traditional costume, normal festive clothing or from traditional costume and dress make a beautiful overall picture of the wedding. However, a traditional costume wedding should never be seen as a motto wedding. The traditional costume is a dress code and is in principle independent of the further organization of the wedding.

With the traditional costume the ladies have it for once simpler than the gentlemen, because they carry a Dirndl. Men, on the other hand, must decide whether it should be a Lederhosen, a traditional costume suit or a Lederhosen with traditional costume jacket.

At a church wedding a traditional costume suit is a good choice, while at the evening celebrations you can change into leather. But leather trousers with a chic traditional jacket, a gilet or a traditional waistcoat also fit perfectly.

When guests choose an alternative festive outfit, they should avoid bright colours, wide cut dresses and light suits for the man.

A nice idea is also to combine classic clothes with traditional costumes or to wear clothes with costume specific material like lace or cotton. Accessories such as scarves, traditional hats, flowers or beautifully braided hair go well with this.

With all considerations around the Dresscode applies: Please do not exaggerate! It should be a wedding and not a carnival.

You want to get married on the Alm and need information, offers and tips? Contact Kate and she will be happy to help you!



Enclosed a beautiful Almhochzeits-Inspiration by Carolina Auer Photography

Photo: Carolina Auer Photography
Wedding Planning: Sabine Hofmann
Dress: Victoria Rüsche- Daalarna
Location: Steinbockalm Hinterteil
Cake: Konditorei Pichlmaier Saalfelden
Floristry: Patricia Schweighofer